S Club's Aussie Comeback Performance Slammed Around The World

1 June 2012 | 9:51 am | Scott Fitzsimons

As footage of their performance on The Morning Show spreads, the reaction has not been kind.

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Earlier this week S Club, the guise under which members of '90s singing group S Club 7 are making a comeback, performed on Channel 7's The Morning Show. Touring as a three piece, the other four are off doing other things, they performed their track Reach on the program, which was hosted by regular Larry Emdur and guest presenter Dannii Minogue.

The footage from the performance, which featured four backing dancers, has made its way around the internet - and the reactions haven't been kind.

Notorious - and hugely influential - UK tabloid The Sun poked fun at the fact that less than half of the band were present, and suggested that middle age hasn't been kind to the "portly" Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole and Jo O'Meara.

"The band may have lost four of its members, but the three who remain clearly haven't informed the catering staff," they wrote.

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They weren't too impressed with the performance either.

"Adding to the cringe-worthy spectacle, the comeback wannabes danced out of time and sounded like a dodgy karaoke act – especially during the harmony-heavy choruses."

The United Kingdom edition of the Huffington Post also had their way with the performance, singling in on Minogue particularly.

"We know you turned down Simon's [Cowell] £1m offer to return to X Factor, but seriously love, have things got this bad already?" they offered.

Entertainment site Entertainment Wise didn't beat around the bush either, with their report titled "S Club Make Horrific Live Return".

Watch the performance below: