RIGHT NOW: Channel Seven's Reporters Just Became A Fatboy Slim-endorsed Meme

6 May 2019 | 11:00 am | Jessica Dale

"This is fabulous!"

Fatboy Slim (L) & Jacqueline Felgate (R) via Instagram.

Fatboy Slim (L) & Jacqueline Felgate (R) via Instagram.

More Fatboy Slim More Fatboy Slim

Channel Seven news have become a viral meme thanks to a classic Fatboy Slim track. 

Primarily featuring newsreaders Jacqueline Felgate and Mike Amor, a supercut track has emerged on social media pairing their crosses with the 1998 classic track, Right Here, Right Now

The clip, which was put together by Paul Dowsley, has even gained praise from Fatboy Slim himself, who shared the clip on his Instagram saying, "This is fabulous!"

We could continue to describe the clip but it's really so, so much better if you watch it in all its glory below.

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