Remi Has Actually Started A Petition To Bring Back The Original Tim Tam Genie

2 August 2018 | 11:23 am | Neil Griffiths

Where do we sign?


Remember the Tim Tam genie? OK, fair enough, there has been a few over the years. 

But remember the early '00s Tim Tam genie? The genie of all Tim Tam genies, some would say… probably. 

Well, Melbourne rapper Remi is leading the charge to bring back the original favourite and has even launched a petition for it. 

"The Arnott's Tim Tam Genie is an icon," the petition reads.

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"A nostalgic childhood memory for many. It is a travesty that he has been replaced. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE GENIE."

Wait a sec… anyone else think that genie looks a bit like Perth MC, N'fa?

Anyway, current Tim Tam genie, Apollo Jackson, has even got in on the fun:

Check out the petition here and relive those magical '00s Tim Tam moments below. 

The Music has contacted Arnott's for comment.