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Fainting In A Department Store & $2 Cocktails: Check Out RACKETT's Japan Tour Diary

8 November 2019 | 12:00 pm | RACKETT

RACKETT aka Rebecca Callander has just wrapped up her recent tour of Japan and shares all her highlights from the trip with 'The Music'.

Ohayoo (hello) from Japan. My Japanese is still raw, but I’m using whatever Aussie charm is left in the tank to navigate this plastic wonderland. So far I have played seven shows throughout Tokyo, Japan, and at least three more by the time this love letter reaches you. 

I have grown so much throughout this tour, personally and as a performer and it’s an experience that’s been totally doable on not much sleep or budget. 

I haven’t had a lot of time do much but train to and from gigs, soundcheck, play and partake in post-show nightcaps. Every show is a new adventure and I do find some moments after soundcheck to scope out the area. 

Whilst on my break between soundcheck and the show at NOB in Shibuya I went to MEGA Don. MEGA Don is a multi-level store, kind of like Myer on steroids. I had visited this shop a few days earlier and I’m not sure if it was the exhaustion or the outrageous savings, but I did have a little lights-out, fainting moment. 

I have an amazing little crew with me that helped me back on my feet and into the nearest cocktail bar. Just want to make a note here; the cocktail bar is called Bar Moonwalk and it’s about $4 AUD to sit down and $2 for unlimited cocktails. 

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The venue I was playing was an underground club in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. I was one of six bands playing that night, which is fairly common for a live event. Soundcheck was one of the more difficult ones so far, this was a straight-up rock club and we were the first act that has turned up requesting access to 10 mixing channels, in-ears, laptops. There was a lot of nail-biting and confused looks. We got there in the end and actually, I think we all bonded over the trauma. 

I found my Japan favourite band, Vaiwatt (and I say this at nearly every show cause the bands here just keep getting better, weirder) on this bill. They are a duo that play with drum and bass backing tracks, bass guitar and electric guitar, with clown wigs and have some mad style. 

I shared a very special moment with a fan I met whilst touring The Darkness. Mikiko (from Japan), is a die-hard The Darkness fan and it took me three shows whilst opening for The Darkness to reach this moment with her. It was a struggle - she refused me three times. Now fast forward two years to us recreating this moment in Japan! 

Got home pretty early after this gig (1 am), and battled the last-train-to-everywhere crowds and never-ending Halloween street parties, through Shibuya crossing. Actually, I enjoy how closely packed these late-night train rides are. Not in a creepy way, but in a way that it feels so intimate amongst strangers but so safe. Everyone seems a little tipsy and open to chatting, which isn’t the case during the day. 

So looking forward to seeing everyone when I get home for my Australia tour. 

RACKETT will be touring in celebration of new single Machinations in Sydney and Melbourne this month. Head to theGuide for all the info on dates, venues and tickets.