Pupil Slicer Unveil The Heaviest Song They've Ever Written, 'No Temple'

18 April 2023 | 2:15 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"No Temple is the heaviest song we’ve ever written..." vocalist Kate Davies says about the breakdown-filled track.

(Pic by Gobinder Jhitta)

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The UK’s noisy metalcore outfit, PUPIL SLICER - vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kate Davies, drummer Josh Andrews and bass and backing vocalist Luke Fabian, are preparing to release their second album, Blossom, on Friday, 2 June, via Prosthetic Records. 

In the lead-up to the album, the group released a new single, No Temple, which Davies touts as “the heaviest song we’ve ever written”.

Recalling the chaos and screeching guitars of The Dillinger Escape Plan, filled with breakdowns at breakneck speeds and brutal vocals from Davies, it’s hard to argue against her statement.

She said about No Temple, “Blossom is a story that encapsulates a wide gamut of intense emotions and a roller coaster of events over the 47-minute runtime. Likewise, the musical elements are also equally diverse whilst maintaining a cohesion to what’s going on at that point in the album.

“The feedback we received for our first single has been overwhelmingly positive, but let’s face it – not what a lot of people were expecting from a band named ‘Pupil Slicer.’

“Here is a sample from the opposite end of the musical range that Blossom encapsulates – No Temple is the heaviest song we’ve ever written.” Check out the dynamic music video below.

PUPIL SLICER will embark on an extensive UK and European tour in the coming days and throughout May, warming up audiences for Blossom to drop at the beginning of June.

Davies commented about the album, “Blossom is the culmination of two years spent with razor focus on crafting a journey like no other. We are incredibly proud of the feats we have achieved on our sophomore album, building upon the experience and feedback from our debut to further break down the walls between metal, hardcore, shoegaze, electronic music and pop.”

She continued, “We have delivered the most concentrated PUPIL SLICER experience yet. A hard sci-fi/cosmic horror concept album, the story told across Blossom draws on some of our favourite media to craft these 10 tracks where instrumental, lyrical and visual elements have been cohesively refined to serve the world we’ve created.”

You can pre-order PUPIL SLICER’s upcoming album, Blossom, here.