Pub Choir's Online Show Targeted By Scammers: 'We're Devastated'

1 May 2020 | 11:42 am | Staff Writer

"We've poured a lot into this project, and we want you to feel safe with us.”

Beloved communal singing venture Pub Choir have been the target of scammers, with organisers revealing a targeted attack around their latest online endeavour.

To keep its community connected during the COVID pandemic, Pub Choir launched a series of free online events, and overnight several fake and misleading Facebook event pages and websites were created by scammers in an effort to steal money.

Those were then shared into Pub Choir’s official event page.

“They used hundreds of fake profiles to comment to our lovely fans, after which they asked for credit card details to access our videos. It's still happening now,” Pub Choir said.

“Rest assured we are blocking and deleting every comment we see sharing fake links and pretending to be us. It is a manual job and we're doing our best to keep on top of it.

“We're devastated that this undermines our work. We've poured a lot into this project, and we want you to feel safe with us.”

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The group went on to explain the only posts that should be trusted are those with the verified blue Facebook tick next to their name.

You can check out the full statement below and find out more details about Pub Choir’s awesome online initiative via their official Facebook page here.

Hi fam! Spot of sad news. Last night we were the focus of a very targeted online attack where an overseas group created...

Posted by Pub Choir on Thursday, April 30, 2020

While Pub Choir’s online shows and resources are free, there is an option to donate directly via their website to help cover their costs.