PREMIERE: Watch Jackson Firebird Become Bikies

7 June 2013 | 12:25 pm | Staff Writer

Get back in touch with the Mildura duo with this killer new clip.

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Jackson Firebird had a pretty crazy 2012; it saw them release their debut LP Cock Rockin' mid-year, tour the nation in sweaty clubs all over the country and then feel what it's like to be on pretty much the complete opposite end of the spectrum when they ran around the country in support of Nickelback later in the year.

The band have been kinda quiet since then, but they are now back on the road in support of The Superjesus and today they drop a clip from their Cock Rockin' debut which we are lucky enough to be premiering!

The song is Red Hair Honey and the clip is freaking awesome. We're not sure if it's because they look so funny on the bikes, because it's shot so well or because we really wish we could have gone for a ride as well, but it's a really cool little piece of work.

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