Sydney Rockers PLANET Share Their Pre-show Rituals With Us

16 December 2020 | 1:36 pm | PLANET

Sydney rockers PLANET are set to return to the stage this Saturday night for a special hometown show, and they’re already getting in the zone by details their pre-show rituals for us. Here’s how they’ll set the mood backstage at Factory Theatre this weekend.



Whoa, been a while since I’ve had the chance to do them! It varies slightly, depending on where the show it is, but the process is the same. Bit more interesting when overseas as the city is new to me, but this is the gist of it...

  1. Try and aim for an early soundcheck!
  2. Finish soundcheck, get comfy.
  3. Search into Google ‘best Chinese/laksa/noodles/pho/ramen near me’.
  4. Hit it, try not to over-flog yourself into a food coma.
  5. Vocal warm-ups.
  6. Hang out with the rest of the guys in the green room listening to ‘chill/pump-up music’ over a few cuppas and/or other beverages before the show.


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I’m not really a ritual kind of dude, but the most consistent thing I do would be watching a good chunk of the supporting band on the night. A pre-show feed is pretty good too IF you don’t eat too close to stage time… You only have to do that once to learn and I learnt that lesson hard in Glasgow a couple of years ago when I demolished a deep-fried haggis 45 mins before we went on stage. I felt physically ill the entire set and it was all a kind of sweaty, hallucinogenic blur… 

Before a show, we mostly just spend some time all together in the green room listening to tunes and geeing up for the set!