P!nk Rejected From Sydney Harbourside Venue

15 February 2024 | 1:16 pm | Mary Varvaris

“Next thing, I saw P!nk and her group walking away. They just turfed her out.”


P!nk (Credit: Ebru Yildiz)

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P!nk was rejected from the Sydney Harbourside venue, the Manly Skiff Club, despite the Perfect singer having a reservation on Monday night (12 February).

According to a Manly Observer report, P!nk and a group of about eight people couldn’t enjoy a meal at the Manly Skiff Club because she wasn’t carrying ID. She was turned away at the door.

Manly Market Manager Mark Eymes, a witness to the alleged incident, told the publication, “I overheard her saying that she had a booking, but when they asked her to provide her ID, she said she didn’t have any on her.

“They said she couldn’t come in without it, even though she explained that she’d already secured her booking with a deposit.”

Eymes told the Manly Observer that he tried to help P!nk by notifying the venue directors that the singer was at the door and informing them of the missed opportunity of turning her away. However, his help was to no avail, with Eymes stating, “Next thing, I saw P!nk and her group walking away. They just turfed her out.”

According to Eymes, P!nk didn’t display any “diva” behaviour despite the disappointment of her booking being disallowed. “Not once did she throw her weight around,” Eymes said. “She was really pleasant despite being a little upset that she couldn’t come in. It was just such a shame, and I felt a little embarrassed that a solution couldn’t be found.”

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The report stated that P!nk and her group were eventually offered entry to the venue but opted to leave.

The Manly Skiff Club follows the strict Registered Clubs Act 1976, which requires all patrons to carry their ID and gain temporary membership to the venue.

Matt Hazell, Secretary Manager of Manly Skiff Club, declined to comment on the incident to maintain the privacy of its patrons.

P!nk is currently in Australia on her 17-date Summer Carnival tour, blowing away audiences wherever she goes.

In The Music’s review of her first show at Allianz Stadium, Alasdair Belling wrote, “P!nk is changing what it means to be a pop star, and if this tour is anything to go by, she’s also changing what stadium performance looks like. Perhaps most excitingly of all, P!nk’s music remains as fresh as ever; there was no sense of things feeling recycled.”

You can find her Australian tour setlist here.