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Peter Andre Announced As Host On Right-Wing UK News Channel

2 December 2023 | 9:46 am | Mary Varvaris

Starting this weekend, Andre will co-host Saturday Morning Live with presenter Ellie Costello.

Peter Andre

Peter Andre (Source: Supplied)

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This is news we never had on our 2023 bingo cards – Mysterious Girl singer Peter Andre has joined the right-leaning British television channel GB News to co-host one of its programs throughout this month.

Starting this weekend, Andre will co-host Saturday Morning Live with presenter Ellie Costello following a May trial run for three episodes.

Andre said about his appointment via The Guardian, “I got wonderfully kind feedback from everyone, so it’ll be a joy to join the GB News family throughout Christmas.”

Ben Briscoe, the Head of Programming at GB News, added that Andre was a “natural” and, following his stint on Saturday Morning Live earlier this year, “had lots of viewers ask us to give Peter a more regular gig, so this was an easy decision.”

Andre has joined the team at GB News after the radio station and television channel recently hired former Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a paid presenting role.

Andre, born in London but relocated to Australia as a child, joined Gavin Scott and Robbie Molinari in a November 2022 episode of the podcast A Journey Through Aussie Pop.

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During his appearance on the podcast, Andre discussed the massive success he enjoyed early in his career in Australia with hits like Gimme Little Sign and Funky Junky and the dark side of that fame.

“I think I just got scared of failure,” Andre admitted. “Silly me. Instead of coming back and gigging and doing all of that, I just thought, ‘Nobody’s gonna want to see me.’

“I kid you not; that was going through my mind. Some of the mistakes that I’ve made in my life are the fact that I don’t just keep going. Sometimes I just go, ‘I’ll leave that, and I’ll just go do that now.’”  

A month later, Andre revealed that he wanted to ban the classic Christmas song, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

“By playing this track, you are giving your listeners false hope that Christmas and winter in general is the most wonderful time of the year, when in fact, it isn’t,” Andre wrote in an open letter. 

Citing the current cost-of-living crisis and inflation, Andre added, “Without sounding like the Grinch, but instead as proud Head of Summer Holidays for [UK travel company] On the Beach, I put it to you Sir or Madam, overseas getaways are the most wonderful time of the year instead.”