Perth Singer EDIE Explores 'Fixation & Obsession' On Nostalgic New Single 'Front Row'

16 February 2023 | 12:26 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"The song shines a light on the dynamic of a parasocial relationship and its all-encompassing nature."

(Pic by Stephanie Senior)


Perth's EDIE has a sense of humour. Her Instagram handle is @ediephonehome, and on Front Row, she throws back to a time we all remember well: when that person you're infatuated with doesn't know you exist.

Front Row draws from '90s grunge and alternative rock in spirit, with a dreamy sheen over the music video, transforming it into a little classic rom-com. Partnering with Dylan Ollivierre (Holy Holy, Tia Gostelow, Meg Mac) in his personal studio via a co-write with WAM award-winning Finn Pearson, the Australian songwriter & producer grasped EDIE's vision for the track. 

Rounding out production, WA’s dynamic duo Andrew Lawson (End Of Fashion, Tired Lion, Eskimo Joe) & William Bowden (Paul Dempsey, Hermitude, Empire Of The Sun) handled mixing & mastering.

"Through the track Front Row, I explore themes of fixation, love, and obsession. The song shines a light on the dynamic of a parasocial relationship and its all-encompassing nature," EDIE admits. "The track conveys the power of the mind to create a fully realized fantasy relationship about an individual who is not even aware of your existence. From personal experience, I know this can happen to the best of us!"

She adds, "In creating the song, I was heavily influenced by 90s pop rock and, in particular, the film soundtracks that shaped my youth. I love being in the studio and was fortunate enough to work with talented people who understood my vision."

She says about the vivid and very relatable music video, "When I was a kid, I always enjoyed creating music videos with my best friend. We spent so much time planning and creating, and so to be able to create and experience a music video is a childhood dream come true! 

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"It was so incredibly fun and such a rewarding experience to see my vision and dream come to life. When I met my director Steph it was a true meeting of like minds as we had a shared vision of how to capture the story within the song."

EDIE broke out last year with her debut single, Blame Me. With a range of inspirations from Hole to The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac, EDIE joins an emerging generation of artists, including US and UK talents Olivia Rodrigo, Maggie Lindemann and Yungblud, who are blending 90’s sonic elements with modern songwriting, striking visuals and captivating songwriting. 

Check out Front Row below.