Pennywise Frontman Attacks WA Government's Construction Plans

19 August 2012 | 6:03 pm | Celline Narinli

"Fuck man, we're in their backyard" - Zoli Téglás, frontman of so-cal rock outfit Pennywise.

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Zoli Téglás, frontman of so-cal rock outfit Pennywise, has expressed his concerns about Woodside and the WA Government's decision to drill and dredge up to six kilometers out to sea, with plans to construct a jetty stretching several kilometers through the middle of it.

The plan has caused concerns over oil spillage and noise from the construction, and how these would impact the whales and other wildlife in the area. Téglás assesses the issue, “I know they're going to make money off this dredging and pipeline they're talking about and it's always, 'Oh, we need more oil, we need more jobs', but not at the expense of your pristine, beautiful backyard. Australia has such a beautiful coastline and there's so many amazing diversity in types of fish. You really need to protect that, man, because everybody's just looking to rape and pillage off your local waters.”

Téglás is a part of a conservation society called Sea Shepherd and isn't afraid to spread the word. “I think the best way to [protect the environment] is to get into the Sea Shepherd conservation society and then, through that, find out one specific thing and focus on that. You can't change the world, but you can save that one specific thing.”

He goes on to focus on Sea Shepherd's efforts to protect sharks in the South Pacific. “By the billions every year sharks are being killed off. If you take sharks out of the ecosystem, you're going to get a sick ocean. It's not going to stop them from attacking people, they're still going to attack people until you kill them all off. Maybe people should just be more cautious and careful about where they are, because we're actually in their backyard. Why don't you just come here and eat some of the [feral] cats in Hollywood hills? Fuck, man, we're in their backyard.”

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