Paul Kelly Doco Trailer Surfaces

23 July 2012 | 12:13 pm | Dan Condon

The film looks to reveal more about the man behind the songs.

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A new trailer for Stories Of Me, the much anticipated forthcoming documentary looking at the life and career of legendary Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly, has just been released, giving us a closer look at the angle the film looks to take when tackling this life story.

Set for an October release, the film looks to take a candid look at the man behind so many classic Australian songs. Issues such as his marriage break up, his relationship with heroin and his ambition and drive are touched on in the trailer, suggesting that the film won't be glossing over some of the darker details of the often guarded performer's life.

In an interview with late last year, director Ian Darling admitted that the project blew out to become a far bigger undertaking than he had initially expected.

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“It was a much larger project than we ever imagined… with a career of 30 years there's just so much archival footage and so many interviews.”

As far as the overall theme of the film goes, Darling said they wanted to “answer the question of why he's been able to speak to all Australians over all the years.”

A series of screenings have been organised for October and November, with the film showing before an appearance from both Darling and Kelly himself. Details are below.