Opening Band Kicked Out Of US Show For 'Deplorable' Midset Remarks

28 March 2023 | 2:51 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"If you think this is funny/edgy/cool to say then you are not welcome at our shows and you will never share the stage with us."

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CONTENT WARNING: The following article may distress some readers. If you need assistance, please contact Lifeline at 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue at 1300 22 4636.

Canadian band AngelMaker have made a stand against one of their opening acts on a current tour after the singer of said unnamed band made “deplorable” remarks about suicide.

The incident occurred on Sunday, 26 March, at Lovedraft’s Brewing Co., Mechanicsburg, PA, in the US.

In a Facebook post shared to the DEATHCORE/METALCORE FANS group, a user named Joey Ramsey thanked AngelMaker for “kicking out the opening band for their deplorable and insensitive remark regarding suicide.”

Ramsey continued by outlining his disappointment at the comment and sharing an Instagram story from AngelMaker vocalist Mike Greenwood.

Greenwood wrote, “I heard some of the most insensitive shit I’ve ever heard from a local band tonight”.

The comment in question was, “If you are thinking of killing yourself tonight, do it.”

Greenwood added, “If you support the idea of telling people to kill themselves, look down on mental illness, addiction or suffering, you are part of the problem.”

The casual remark and the insensitivity of it bleeds into a bigger issue. As Greenwood notes, “Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in North America, especially in men.”

Johnny Ciardullo, the guitarist in AngelMaker, posted on the Deathcore subreddit, reminding the audience that more often than not, they tour with kind-hearted local bands.

“Tonight was very different. I will not say this band’s name as I don’t want them to receive anymore attention than they deserve,” Ciardullo wrote. 

Things went downhill quickly, from reports the guitarist received throughout the night. “They started the show with a ‘new vocalist’. Half way through their set the band’s old vocalist came on to finish the set since the new vocalist didn’t know the old songs (this is what we were told). This was the first thing this guy said to a sold out room of people:

‘Thinking about killing yourself tonight? Good. Do it.’”

Ciardullo continued to call out the “stage banter” as something not okay with AngelMaker or any other bands on the bill. 

“Members in my band have been through truly traumatic experiences when it comes to mental health and suicide. We advocate HELPING people through their darkest moments, showing love and compassion, offering solace and catharsis,” Ciardullo added.

“For anyone that knows anything about Angelmaker, you’ll know that Requiem and What I Would Give are very personal songs for us in the band that touch on this very topic.”

AngelMaker were understandably quite upset by the incident and met up with the tour promoter and general manager of the venue afterwards, subsequently removing the opening band from the venue to avoid further conflicts.

Ciardullo ended the Reddit post by writing, “What I want to make clear to all of you is this:

We do not and never will advocate for anyone to take their own life. If you think this is funny/edgy/cool to say then you are not welcome at our shows and you will never share the stage with us.

“If you’re an up and coming band, choose your members wisely because what one person does can affect all of you as a group. This band has been black listed by our booking agent and every other band’s on this tour package. Actions have consequences and we hope that they have learned a very hard lesson tonight.

“If any of you are struggling with mental health issues you are not alone and we will always support you through your ebbs and flows. As a community we are together in this, music brings us together.”