NSW Police Warn Large Pubs & Club Gatherings Could Reverse Eased Restrictions

13 July 2020 | 1:58 pm | Staff Writer

"The time for warnings has passed... "

NSW Police have warned recent showings of large crowds at pubs, clubs and parties could result in the state reversing restrictions put in place due to the COVID pandemic. 

As The Guardian reports Assistant Commissioner Scott Cook spoke at a press conference today where he slammed the "moronic behaviour" of some people and venues which included multiple parties in the eastern suburbs being shut down over the weekend, as well as The Golden Sheaf in Double Bay being fined $5,500 for having hundreds of punters queuing outside the venue last week.

"The moronic behaviour of people at dance parties has got to stop and we will continue to seek these people out and, where appropriate, take actions," Cook said.

"The time for warnings has passed and that’s in defence of us as a community. We are all responsible for our own actions here and we need to be serious about this.

"We have come a long way. Complacency is the ally of the virus. We need to take this seriously. It is a massive wake-up call for us all and we need to get back on the bus together."

NSW Police Minister David Elliott said that people attending these large gatherings need to take responsibility. 

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"If we have to close hotels and clubs again, the patrons will have to take some of the ownership of that," he said.

"I will, however, work to my dying breath to make sure that that doesn’t happen. We don’t want to see the hospitality industry close down again, go into lockdown again, because it may not survive."