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There’s An NFT Site Selling Major Artists' Music Without Their Knowledge

2 February 2022 | 11:29 am | Staff Writer

Everyone from Billie Eilish to John Lennon.

Songwriters now need to worry about their songs being stolen and sold as NFTs. 

A new website has emerged labelled HitPiece, which apparently 'lets fans collect NFTs of their favourite songs'. 

Its description reads: "Each HitPiece NFT is a One of One NFT for each unique song recording. Members build their Hitlist of their favorite songs, get on leaderboards, and receive in real life value such as access and experiences with Artists."

The catch... it's being run without permission from artists, and major acts such as Billie Eilish and John Lennon have appeared in auctions, as well as many local Aussie acts.

Currently trending on Twitter amongst artists, many are speculating that HitPiece is generated off the Spotify API.

Other users pointed out the website is a scam. There is no minted, blockchain wallet connection possible, and all the bids on the website also appear to be fake.

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Literally, every imaginable artist is currently on the website, with many fairly complaining about the scam that features their music. 

All active auctions have been removed, but the website remains live at time of publication.