New Zealand Could Compete At Eurovision In 2024

8 May 2023 | 10:57 am | Mary Varvaris

... If their bid is successful.

(Eurovision 2023 by Mallory Arbour)

New Zealand comedy musical duo Two Hearts and beer company Yeastie Boys have teamed up to share a petition to allow New Zealand to enter the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. If Australia gets to compete, why can’t our neighbours across the pond?

Two Hearts launched the campaign last month, unveiling their “official/unofficial Eurovision entry” song, Eurovusion (Open Up).

“We’ve become big Eurovision fans since arriving here in the UK but we really miss having our own country to cringe at while simultaneously supporting unwaveringly,” Yeastie Boys founder Stu McKinlay said in a statement. Yeastie Boys currently brews its beers in the UK.

McKinlay added, “I was the youngest of five kids and whenever my older siblings went to gigs, I was too young to join them. Australia being in Eurovision, when New Zealand hasn’t been invited, gives me the same vibes and I don’t like it”.

“New Zealanders grow up with a sense of social justice being very important and Australia being invited to Eurovision without New Zealand is like inviting someone to your wedding but not giving them a plus one. 

"Everyone loves New Zealand and finds us cute and non-threatening and that makes us a sure thing for doing well in the public vote. I mean who really likes Australia?”

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You can sign the petition for New Zealand to enter Eurovision 2024 here and check out the humorous clip for Eurovusion (Open Up) below.

Perth synth-metal outfit Voyager will represent Australia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. For the first time in Australia's history with Eurovision, a band will represent the country. And this one utilises soaring melodies, masterful riffs, keytar solos, powerhouse rhythms, and enough charisma to win the 67th Song Contest.

"As a long-time Eurovision fan, this is the pinnacle - Voyager gets to play the greatest show on earth," vocalist Danny Estrin commented in a statement.

"Our song Promise is made for the Eurovision stage, and collectively we feel it's one of our best yet. We filmed the music video in both the city of Perth and beautiful parts of Western Australia to showcase the majestic beauty of our home state. Eurovisionation, we are coming!"