New Polyphia is here to make you feel like an inferior musician.

11 May 2022 | 11:49 am | Staff Writer
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If you've never checked out the band Polyphia, go watch the tracks/clips on their Youtube channel and come back. Tell me you haven't wanted to just put down your instrument and never touch it again, cos chances are you'll never hit that level of technical proficiency and musicality. Still.... CRACKING tunes and chops. Mesmerising to watch and hear. Cop this new one, it's called Playing God.

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Loudwire named them as one of the top 10 instrumental bands in Rock and Metal and for good reason. They also said of this new single: "And now for something a little different. Polyphia have been tearing it up in the world of instrumental rock music in recent years and the group is back with their latest song "Playing God" and their first North American headline tour coming this summer.

"Playing God" is the band's first new release since 2019 and it finds the band filling the song with Spanish flavor, utilizing complex arrangements with nuevo flamenco guitars, a bit a bossa nova flair and some trap-styled rhythms to deliver something intriguing. This also marks the band's first time utilizing nylon stringed guitars as well."

This new track 'Playing God' is GOD-TIER in their performance and craftsmanship and proficiency. It's damn near inhuman. It's out now at

I mean, don't give up playing, but hey, it's ok to not be as NUTS talented as these guys are. It's actually statistically impossible.