Ne Obliviscaris Vocalist Xenoyr Forced To Pull Out Of European Tour

4 May 2023 | 1:44 pm | Mary Varvaris
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“After waiting almost 4 years to tour together and perform for everyone again it’s incredibly disappointing for both Xen and the rest of us..."

(Pic by Hayden Nixon)

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Melbourne’s extreme metal outfit (with violin), Ne Obliviscaris, are starting their European tour this weekend, kicking off in Helsinki, Finland.

However, they’ll be one original member down, with unclean vocalist Xenoyr unable to tour due to personal reasons. James Dorton, of the American extreme metal band Black Crown Initiate, will join the band on tour.

“We are sad to say that Xen has unfortunately had to pull out of our European tour which was set to kick off this weekend in Finland due to a personal emergency,” the band wrote on social media.

The statement continued, “Xen has had a lot happening in his life lately and it unfortunately has reached a point where he isn’t in a position with his own health and the things he’s dealing with to be able to tour and perform with NeO at this time.

“After waiting almost 4 years to tour together and perform for everyone again it’s incredibly disappointing for both Xen and the rest of us. But of course the health and wellbeing of our brother comes first above all else.

“We are grateful that James Dorton (incredible vocalist for Black Crown Initiate/The Faceless) has agreed to fill in for us on this tour, and on only a weeks notice has learned the set and flown out to rehearse with us this week in Helsinki.

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“The response to our new EXUL has been simply incredible and as challenging a turn of events as this is, we are excited to share these songs with you for the first time in what we feel will be a unique and special tour. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. See you on tour across Europe May 5-June 7.”

Ne Obliviscaris released Exul on Friday, 24 March. The group’s fourth album was mixed and mastered in July 2022. The band began recording in March 2020, but due to American producer Mark Lewis, Benjamin Baret and bassist Martino Garattoni being stranded overseas indefinitely after Australia closed the international border, the process almost completely broke the band.

“Overall, there’s a darker core to this album, perhaps more ominous than previous releases,” Xenoyr said. “However abstract the lyrics are, they involve some form of unwanted departure — all journeys into torment, passion, longing and even despair. 

"They touch on the process of physical and psychological destruction that comes from that sense or reality of being exiled, whether forced from one’s land, ostracised from a community, shunned by a religion, or even simply being treated differently for being who they are.”

You can listen to Exul here.