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Aussie Music Head & 'Married At First Sight' Star Accused Of Not Paying Touring Acts

6 February 2018 | 4:29 pm | Velvet Winter

'Nasser you've really done yourself a favour.'

More Tumbleweed More Tumbleweed

A number of people have taken to Facebook overnight to vent their frustrations over Married At First Sight star and Nightmare Music head organiser Nasser Sultan’s alleged non-payment of touring music acts.

The now-deleted Facebook thread last night detailed allegations from a long line of unpaid bands that include the likes of Tumbleweed, Monster Magnet and Nashville Pussy.

Sultan is listed as one of the head organisers at Sydney-based booking company on the company website.

Nathan Millet of 666 Entertainment said "Nasser has ripped off countless numbers of local and international bands over the years and constantly sidesteps, hides and lies to people thinking it will all be forgotten about and go away".

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The thread was started by Chad Everson, guitarist of Sydney's Green Amphibian and contains comments from the likes of Ruyter Suys, lead guitarist of Nashville Pussy.

The Music has reached out to Nightmare Music and several of the bands listed in the Facebook thread.

View the original thread and responses below.