Mutemath To Debut New Material at Aus Shows

15 March 2013 | 6:05 pm | Sally Anne Hurley

The band are currently writing tracks for a new record.

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New Orleans outfit Mutemath are about to embark on a short but memorable visit to Aus and they're bringing some new music with them.

“We're at the sketch writing part where we're compiling as many ideas as we can,” frontman Paul Meany says of the process of writing the new album. “We're going to play some of these for the first time when we get to Australia. We're looking forward to giving these new ideas some road miles. We haven't done that in about five years because it's usually a curse. Usually if we play a song live before it's on a record we drop it.”

This openness to showcase unheard material is a definite shift from the more secretive approach they took with their last album Odd Soul.

“We have locked the doors to a degree but the process is already different. For one, we're unlocking the doors in Australia because we're going to be letting a lot of people hear what we're up to, and it's not quite as private this time around as it was last time around.

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“I like that; I don't want to get into a rut. We like to shake up the process with every record. We're doing it a little differently and we're trying not to be too precious with the ideas. We're just exploring this next chapter, whatever it may be.”

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