Molly Meldrum Bares His Bum At Elton John Concert

14 January 2023 | 11:49 am | Mary Varvaris

"If seeing Molly Meldrum’s bare bum was on your 2023 bingo card, here you go."

(Lucinda Goodwin/Nine Network)

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Molly Meldrum shocked fans at Elton John's farewell concert at Melbourne's AAMI Park last night when he put his pants down and flashed the audience his bare bum.

Before that happened, though, Meldrum was in the audience when John gave him a special mention. 

"He’s quite honestly a national treasure," John said. "I want to thank him for all the love and loyalty he’s shown me over the years. I love you."

Meldrum then left the General Admission area and took to the stage. The pair performed The Bitch Is Back. Meldrum and John hugged; the Countdown host then pashed the Tiny Dancer hitmaker and flashed his bare bum. View fan reactions below.

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Meldrum and John have a special bond that began decades ago. 

In 1989, Molly Meldrum had a BBQ for Elton John at his house in Melbourne. Elton wrote on Molly’s wall:

Dear Molly,

So many years,

So many tears,

But so many great times.

Your friend Elton.

Love you.

While on his first Australian tour, Elton wanted to hear a test pressing of his new album, Madman Across The Water. Bill Duff from Festival Records brought a copy to the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne. Elton shrieked when he saw it. Instead of “Madman Across The Water”, the label read “Madam Across The Water”. Elton loved it. He signed the record and gave it to Molly: To my darling Molly, with love Elsie Johns xxx

The two have had their feuds, though. 

After his first Australian tour, Elton did an interview with an English music paper. “Everything [in Australia] is controversial, even Coronation Street,” he sniffed. “They have a sign flashing on the screen during the show: ‘Not suitable for children’. They are so archaic, and they hate the English, or at least the press hate us. We’re still ‘Limeys’ to them. My cousin lives there, and he had to accept the principles of a beer-drinking idiot to survive. It was a nightmare being there, but we’ll go back. Why not?

“New Zealand is nice, though,” Elton added. “It’s like England, years ago. It’s lovely and green, and the people are great. But Australia … the band had five days off in Adelaide, and they went mad with boredom.”

Molly was not happy. He wrote Elton an open letter in Go-Set: “So Australia was a nightmare, was it? And we’re terribly archaic and supposedly hate the English? Oh, Elton, don’t you think you’re exaggerating just a bit? Heavens forbid, we now have our own local telly series entitled Number 96, which makes the gang from Coronation Street look like a church choir.”

All was forgiven when Molly heard Elton’s Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player. “Believe me,” Molly wrote in Go-Set, “it is the best LP he’s EVER released. MAGNIFICENT is the word.”