Melbourne Extreme Metal Kings Ne Obliviscaris Announce First Album In Over 5 Years

1 December 2022 | 10:25 pm | Mary Varvaris
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We've been patiently waiting for a new album following 2017's 'Urn'.

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We've been waiting for what feels like an eternity. But when a band changes its lineup and faces a global pandemic, it's understandable that things like releasing a new album take a little bit longer to unfold. 

Now, we have reason to be excited: Melbourne's Ne Obliviscaris will return with their fourth album, Exul, on 24 March 2023. The group will release a single, Equus - the first taste of new music from the band in over five years - next Tuesday, 6 December.

The progressive extreme melodic metal band (with violin) quietly made the Exul announcement on social media tonight, sharing the artwork created by lead vocalist Xenoyr and many UK and European tour dates. Here's hoping that Australian shows follow.

Ne Obliviscaris will be accompanied in the UK and Europe by Persephone (managed by the band's clean vocalist and violinist Tim Charles), Asymmetric Universe, and The Omnific. 

The band has a Patreon account, allowing fans to directly crowdfund the items they want. Their website also includes links to tickets for the tour, pre-save links for the new album, guitar tabs, and more. Look here for more details.

Ne Obliviscaris formed in 2003 and hit the live scene in February 2006 to widespread critical acclaim throughout Australia, with many hailing their unique sound, intense live shows and talented lineup, their Bandcamp page says.

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Upon the release of their momentous second album, Citadel, we wrote, "Extending observations to the overall listening experience, Ne Obliviscaris offer just that – an experience. Forget shallow arrangements and empty sonic rhetoric; this is the current blueprint for careful and well-planned composition. It's music born from its precision and attention to detail. The sound is cascading instead of aggressive, dynamic instead of imposing. 

"Already, Ne Obliviscaris are one of Australia's elite. Perhaps in a few years, we won't be referencing the band as "one of" but simply the "one".

"What Citadel achieves is highlighting the versatility of the local metal scene. It's not all an over-saturated metalcore market; Australia is equally capable of producing a more sincere and developed heavy sound too."

Check out the Exul album art and tour announcement below.