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Melbourne Artist Luboku Signs To Etcetc Music, Announces Debut EP

26 October 2018 | 11:15 am | Staff Writer

Joining the likes of PNAU, Fever Ray & more.

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Producer and songwriter Luboku has today announced his signing to Etcetc Music, as well as dropping a brand new single, 50 Days, and announcing the release of his debut EP.

Luboku (real name Luis Kennett) joins the likes PNAU, Paces, Fever Ray, Digitalism and Bearcubs on the Etcetc roster.

"The initial demo of 50 Days came out fast and fully formed, but a few weeks later when I revisited the track I wanted to change it," explained Luboku of his new track.

"I went through about four completely different versions but in the end it was that first draft that I decided to go with, because it felt the most honest. 

"It’s funny how the process of writing the song mirrors the meaning behind it - 50 Days is about trying to work through a feeling you’ve been sitting with, and I think constantly changing the song was my way of processing that feeling."

Luboku's EP, The Surface, is due for release on 23 November. Check out his track Without You below.

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