Matt Corby "Tainted" By His Australian Idol Past

7 March 2016 | 3:56 pm | Staff Writer

He says it's a "big fucking mistake"

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Speaking to News Limited, folk singer/songwriter Matt Corby admits that competing in 2007's Australian Idol was a "big fucking mistake". 

"When you are young, you think being serious is how you get taken seriously," Corby explains of his life post-Idol.

"Something like that can eat away at you. I am someone who looks more to the negative than the positive as well, so I took all the negatives out of that and thought ‘Bugger, I’ve ruined everything.'"

Corby is four days off from releasing his debut album Telluric — technically his second full-length album, though he scrapped the entirety of his first, never seeing the light of day.

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"I realise it didn’t really matter in the end. [But] there’s always been a public perception thing with doing a show like that, it stops people from letting themselves like what you do because it’s tainted by that. Maybe not so much now … but I don’t know."

Corby is due to head out on a huge national run this April in support of Telluric — head to theGuide for full details on his tour dates.