Mashd N Kutcher Shares Health Update, Donates Streaming Royalties To Cancer Charity

17 November 2023 | 8:33 am | Mary Varvaris

"In light of the opportunity I’ve been given to use the platform, I’ll be donating 100% of MNK’s streaming artist revenue from this song to Cancer Research, Support and Awareness."

Mashd N Kutcher

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The band that brought people together during the most isolated period of our lives – the COVID-19 pandemic – with Get On The Beers is once again preparing to release a new single with a purpose greater than music, albeit on a more personal level.

Today, Mashd N Kutcher drop their new feel-good single, It’s Alright, with 100% of the track’s streaming royalties going to cancer research, support and awareness in partnership with Myeloma Australia, forever.

Mashd N Kutcher’s Matt James wrote It’s Alright while undergoing chemotherapy and specialist treatment. In August, James revealed the shocking news that he’d been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma – a type of blood cancer that develops from plasma cells in the bone marrow. Yesterday, the star shared a health update with his fans, writing on social media:

“Hey everyone, Matt here with an update. In August, I shared my Cancer Diagnosis and am extremely grateful for everyone’s support. Since then, I’ve been undergoing Chemo, Radiation and Physio, with side effects, broken bones & mentally navigating it all. It’s really bloody hard and, no question, the biggest fight of my life,” James wrote.

He continued, “Multiple Myeloma is named as such as it lives in the blood in multiple areas of the body. I went to Physio with arm and rib pain, leading to scans revealing the bones broken and a diagnosis that cancer had already spread to 80% of my blood, giving me months to live. The team at the PA Hospital wasted no time starting chemo, followed by more procedures with the goal of remission. There is no cure, but it’s manageable with maintenance, so we’re positive and hopeful for the future.”

James added that he’s lost physical strength and time but hasn’t lost the opportunity to make something good out of the horror he’s facing. “I’ve gained resilience, drive and most importantly, INSIGHT,” he said. That’s where It’s Alright comes in. “In light of the opportunity I’ve been given to use the platform, I’ll be donating 100% of MNK’s streaming artist revenue from this song to Cancer Research, Support and Awareness; every stream for life will contribute; I’m working with Myeloma Australia so it’s impactful in the best way possible.”

You can listen to It’s Alright below.

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Hey everyone Matt here with an update, in August I shared my Cancer Diagnosis & I’m extremely grateful for everyone’s...

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