Mariah Carey Grunge Record Surfaces... Yes, Really

20 September 2022 | 9:17 am | Brenton Harris

Recorded in 1995 under the moniker Chick, 'Someone's Ugly Daughter' featured Carey providing backing vocals only, but the reissue will feature Carey's restored lead vocals.

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Mariah Carey is reissuing her fabled grunge album Someone's Ugly Daughter. 

Recorded in 1995 under the moniker Chick, Someone's Ugly Daughter featured Carey providing backing vocals only, but the reissue will feature Carey's restored lead vocals. 

Recorded during the sessions for Carey's Daydream, which would go on to become one of the highest-selling records of all time, Someone's Ugly Daughter,  was released by Sony/BMG, with a friend of Carey, Clarissa Dane on lead vocals, but the absence of any credit to Carey reduced the natural interest that many fans would have had in the release and without effective marketing for Chick, as a band, the record disappeared, becoming a curiosity of the grunge era.

Interest in the release intensified in 2020, following Carey's thoughts on the project being printed in her memoir The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, that the project came out of a need to rid herself of negative emotion, stating “It’s always been a challenge for me to acknowledge and express anger, my personal life was suffocating during Daydream, and I was in desperate need of release.” Chick was intended to provide that release. Carey also revealed via Twitter that a version of the album existed with her on lead vocals and that she would "not stop until we find it". 

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Carey has now found that version and confirmed via an appearance on the Music Now podcast, that it will be being reissued so that fans can finally hear Chick, as intended. 

Produced by Dana John Chapelle, Someone's Ugly Daughter was reportedly inspired by Green Day, Sleater-Kinney and L7. 

While the reissue does not yet have a release date, we have been able to track down one of the tracks with Dane on vocals, Malibu which you can watch the video for below.