Maria Minerva: People Don’t Get My Hype

28 August 2012 | 1:34 pm | Sally Anne Hurley

She's flying the flag for Estonia, whether they like it or not...

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Indie musician Maria Minerva has opened up about her close-to-home detractors in this week's The Drum Media.

Estonian Minerva has received her fair share of criticism, surprisingly in her homeland, despite being one of the most talked about indie artists to cross over to the International market from the Baltic region.

“I hear that all the time, that no one has ever heard of any other Estonian indie musicians, so I hope I'm representing my country well in some way,” she said in the interview.

“I don't think people listen to my music in Estonia. I've gotten way more negative feedback from back home than I ever have in the international music scene. I'm one of those people who's left to do something exciting abroad. And some people are really encouraging of that, but other people don't get why I get all this hype.”

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Minerva also admitted that the “hype” almost didn't happen, with the singer ready to call quits on her budding music career not long after she moved to London to pursue it.

“I told myself the music thing was over,” she said. “I wasn't convinced I could ever play live and actually enjoy it, I thought I'd never be able to get over the technical side of things, I had to focus on my studies, and I was also working part time. I just felt like I didn't have time for making music... I was on the verge of giving up, that classic story.”

Check out the full story here.

Minerva has the following shows remaining on her current Australian tour.

Tuesday 28 August – Format, Adelaide
Wednesday 29 August – Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane
Thursday 30 August – GoodGod Small Club, Sydney
Saturday 1 September – Toff In Town, Melbourne