Man Who Bashed Trans Musician Receives No Jail Time

2 December 2015 | 8:49 am | Staff Writer

Walks away free

One of the men who assaulted transgender musician Stephanie McCarthy in Newtown this past June has received no jail time and instead only been given 150 hours of community service during a court hearing at Newtown Local Court yesterday.

According to 9News, court documents revealed that the assault began at around 3am at the Town Hall Hotel, when McCarthy alleged Alexis Ozanne and co-accused Nicholas Wells of pulling on her pony tail, however both men claim another person nearby committed the act.

“Ms McCarthy walked a few metres away, armed herself with a plastic schooner glass and charged towards both males,” the documents read.

When McCarthy “prodded” the two men, an argument broke out and soon after Ozanne punched her to the ground.

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The court documents also showed that Wells held McCarthy in a headlock while Ozanne punched her in the head five times.

According to the court documents Wells said to McCarthy, “We’re going to stab you, you faggot. I’ll kick your faggot fucking teeth down your throat.”

While it was expected that Ozanne would receive some jail time, he has instead only been ordered to do community service and been given a good behaviour bond.

McCarthy has expressed her disappointment in the sentence, taking to Twitter last night to write, “Brutally bash a trans woman and you get 150 hours of community service. That’s what my life is worth.”

She also claims she was not told about the hearing taking place yesterday, nor was she given the opportunity to give a victim's impact statement. 

Read the full set of tweets below.