LUNE's van died on tour with Pridelands - help them out!

18 March 2022 | 4:42 pm | Staff Writer
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Your car or van dying at any time SUCKS. The total legends in LUNE are on tour supporting PRIDELANDS on the LIght Bends Tour right now and they are on their way to Sydney and Brisbane this weekend. They will get to each of these shows, BUT they could use some help - now is the time to buy some merch from them in order to make sure they get to the shows and back home again. SCENE SUPPORT ACTIVATE!

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The Legends in LUNE aren't having a good time right now - but they should be! They are on tour right now with Pridelands and killing it from all reports - but on their way to this weekend's shows of the tour in Sydney and Brisbane - their tour van has lugged it's last amp. They've asked people coming to the shows this weekend to come see them at the merch desk and if they can spare it, buy a piece of merch, but we also want to encourage punters who aren't able to make it to their shows to buy from their online store at or you can send donations directly to their Paypal account at:

See their statement below as well as the Pridelands tour dates!

🌘Sydney/Brisbane🌒 We lost our van today on the way to you, but we’re still going to make it happen. We’d love to chat...

Posted by LUNE on Thursday, March 17, 2022

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