Luca Brasi Host A Drumming Session With Fan Following A 'Rude' Noise Complaint From Neighbour

6 February 2023 | 11:04 am | Mary Varvaris
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Charlie is the luckiest 14-year-old in Tasmania right now.

(Pic by Josh Biondi)

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Media publication Pulse Hobart shared a divisive letter written to 14-year-old Charlie a few weeks ago. His neighbour claimed that Charlie made "intrusive and offensively loud" noise and insisted that the parents soundproof the drumming shed.

The neighbour also wrote, "Whilst you may think you are a great drummer, quite frankly you're not very good, which makes it even worse for those of us around here who have to put up with it." The letter was anonymously sent to the boy's parents. The harsh tone of the letter resulted in some calling for the author to come forward and address the family in person.

Responding to the original story on 13 January, Tassie rockers Luca Brasi wrote, "Playing music has given us incredible experiences and memories we’ll cherish forever. I hope this young person isn’t at all deterred and keeps honing their craft so they can do what we’ve done one day if they so wish. And if they want to get in touch we could probably send them a few sets of Luca Brasi signature drum sticks…." 

It's also worth noting that Countrytown favourites The Wolfe Brothers also showed their support to Charlie by offering the young lad backstage access to their next show. Hobart store Modern Musician also reached out, offering Charlie a gift pack to help him on his musical path.

Yesterday, Luca Brasi shared that they met Charlie, saying he's "bloody good at drums and a legend." The band visited Charlie and held a drumming session with him, with drummer Danny Flood gifting Charlie his drumsticks. 

In a 2021 interview with The Music, Luca Brasi vocalist Tyler Richardson offered about their album released in the same year, Everything Is Tenuous: "It was like, things change so quickly, and so often, like life’s never a linear journey in any sort of sense. You’re kind of watching things as you get older change... Friendships change, and lives change, you know, even within the band, two of the boys have kids. Life rolls on and things rarely ever stay the same. 

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“So a lot of the things that I'm thinking about in this record, getting older and understanding yourself and understanding the world and understanding where you sit in it and what you want, and, I guess, who you want to be. Things change so often, and that trying to hang on to stuff is amazing, too, but at the same time stuff does slip and it's not necessarily something to be worried about, or scared about, or wish that the world could just stop, because it's just not gonna happen.”