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Melbourne's LOSER Are Hitting The Road To Celebrate Their New Album

28 July 2021 | 9:00 am | Staff Writer

'All The Rage' is out 10 September.


Aus pop-punk four-piece LOSER have announced they're heading out on tour from September, in celebration of their secobd album, All The Rage, being released that same month. 

The band will hit up Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane, Southport and Wollongong to share their new LP with punters.

The Melbourne quartet have also teased fan with new music in the form of their newest single, Head First, complete with a high-energy music video of the band thrashing out onstage.

Frontman Tim Maxwell said of the new track, "The very first line of the song came to me after an incident where I was shopping and I went to try on an item of clothing with my head down walking into the change room but little did I realise there was a huge steel beam above me. It sent me straight to the ground and no one in the shop noticed for a bit.

"It didn’t feel very nice and felt like part of my brain was missing. The song is about determination to keep doing what I want in my life and never give in."

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Bassist Craig Salek added that the band hopes this music will be a welcoming hand for fans of their tunes. 

"I think that’s the overarching theme of the album," he said. "You don’t have to step away and hide from the world, you can look within and find something that makes you feel more comfortable. And that really sums up the personal growth we all went through in trying to record this album, learning not to overthink things."

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