Want To Help Musicians Through The COVID Crisis? The Cat Empire Have An Idea

19 March 2020 | 9:01 am | Staff Writer

"You can play a critical role in helping our industry.”

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The global coronavirus outbreak is having a major impact on the livelihood of artists and workers in the music industry but Aussie legends The Cat Empire have an idea for how we can all help. 

The Melbourne band have announced the 'Lockdown Get Down' initiative and all it involves is you streaming more music. 

“After giving so generously to bushfire recovery efforts around Australia recently, we know that people are low on cash reserves to help others, but this idea won’t cost you any more than what you are already paying to listen to music," The Cat Empire manager Correne Wilkie said.

"And if you use a free streaming service, then it won’t cost you anything, but you can play a critical role in helping our industry.”

Here are the simple steps to get involved in Lockdown Get Down:

1. Play your favourite music non-stop on your preferred streaming service.

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2. Create a playlist; name it lockdowngetdown, and share it with your friends.

3. Post your Lockdown Get Down photos and videos with hashtags #lockdowngetdown and #thecatempire

“Our industry is under serious global threat as gatherings in public spaces are not allowed to continue”, Wilkie said.

“There are no bail out packages for musicians, or songwriters, sculptors, photographers, creators... And yet, we desperately need the beauty of artists reflected in the world so we can find our way through the dark times.”



For more information about how COVID-19 is impacting the music industry, follow the link here.