Lizzo Takes On Rammstein While Performing In Germany

28 February 2023 | 10:58 am | Mary Varvaris
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(Lizzo: Supplied, Rammstein by Jens Koch)

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Video footage of Lizzo taking on Rammstein’s most well-known hit, Du Hast, at a recent show in Hamburg has emerged. Performing all twelve tracks from her latest album, last year’s Special, nine songs from 2019’s Cuz I Love You, and a bunch of surprises - she covered Lauryn Hill’s Doo Wop (That Thing) and Chaka Khan’s I’m Every Woman - the most shocking was her impromptu, a capella rendition of Du Hast.

Having just learned the word “Oma,” which is German for grandmother (or granny, according to Google Translate), Lizzo repeats her new favourite word before blasting into Du Hast.

She mimics vocalist Till Lindemann’s choreography during the little performance - hands in fists, swinging in a marching beat - before exclaiming, “Oh, Hamburg, I’m having fun, bitch!”

Numerous comments on the TikTok video shared by Consequence Of Sound cite fans’ excitement and wish a Lizzo x Rammstein collaboration into the world. Check out the video below.

Last month, designer and animator Roxxy Roxx created a statue of Till Lindemann in honour of the singer’s 60th birthday. Within hours, the (massive) sculpture was stolen.

A press release issued by the Rostock Police Headquarters noted, "A statue of Rammstein singer Till Lindemann, which had been erected in Rostock Evershagen just a day earlier, has been stolen.

"The Rostock police were informed about the theft around 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning and are now looking for witnesses. The statue stood on a green area on Bertolt-Brecht-Strasse in the immediate vicinity of the Evershagen Süd stop."

The sculpture was situated at Lindemann’s childhood home in the Evershagen district of Rostock, Germany. 

The German industrial metal icons released their eighth album, Zeit, last year.

Dropping the single Zick Zack - or ZigZag in English - before the album was released, the clip is about as bonkers as Rammstein music videos get (well, within reason, they have literally released pornography previously). 

Lizzo collaborating with Rammstein would be awesome, but perhaps not entirely surprising when you consider her fandom of another artist who doesn’t exactly make pop music. Last year, Lizzo tweeted, "I wanna play flute for @bjork sooooo bad", after the Icelandic singer unveiled Atopos, the first single from her tenth album, Fossora.

Lizzo's tweet isn't as random as it might seem, with the musician having studied classical flute at the University of Houston and spoken of a desire to have a career similar to Björk's. Speaking with Billboard in 2019, Lizzo revealed her fandom of Björk, "Man, I want to have a career like Björk, where I can put out albums and do exclusive shows and do a whole flute album like that bitch did", which make the two teaming up in some manner seem pretty conceivable.

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