Perth Promoter Cuts Ties With Heathen Skulls

5 September 2012 | 2:20 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Life Is Noise are developing into a national company

Perth based promoters Life Is Noise have cut their ties with promoter Robert MacManus' company Heathen Skulls, ending a business relationship that had seen them co-promote a number of tours.

The news comes just days after the cancellation of the Heathen Skulls-promoted Sunn O))) tour, which Life Is Noise were working on in Perth, turned into a bitter war of words between the artist and promoter.

Today Life Is Noise's Director Dave Cutbush told that he had already informed MacManus last week that they wouldn't be working together moving forward as Life Is Noise develops into a national touring company. As a result the two companies are no longer “compatible”.

The immediate ramifications of the split mean that Life Is Noise will no longer be involved in the Earth and Russian Circles tours in Perth and Heathen will no longer be involved in the Tortoise tour nationally.

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Cutbush said that he wished Heathen Skulls “all the best in the future.”

The exact business relationship of the two promoters varied from tour to tour.