Lee Kernaghan Sits On Fence Over Reclaim Australia Use Of Song

24 July 2015 | 3:14 pm | Staff Writer

Country singer hasn't denied them.

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While Aussie legends Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham have both demanded that their songs not be used by activist group Reclaim Australia, popular country singer Lee Kernaghan has surprisingly not done so. 

The 2008 Australian Of The Year's renowned track Spirit Of The Anzacs was used by Reclaim during recent protests over the weekend and after Barnes and Farnham both distanced themselves from the group, Kernaghan took to Facebook to address the situation.

"Spirit of the Anzacs is a song about love, mateship, self-sacrifice, endurance and courage," he wrote. 

"Any individual or group who chooses to play the recording of this song at a public event should see that it is consistent with - and respectful of, the memory of these Australians."

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See his full statement here

Meanwhile, popular Aussie act Midnight Oil are the latest band to request their music not be played at Reclaim rallies, after their song Short Memory was used at a protest in Adelaide recently.

"Midnight Oil does not endorse Reclaim Australia in any way," the band said in a statement to Fairfax.

"We ask that no Midnight Oil songs are played or used by the organisation. We are in favour of a tolerant Australia, made up of many cultures."