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'The Eyebrows Just Went Up': Lano & Woodley Reveal What Sparked Long-awaited Reunion

1 May 2020 | 9:34 am | Neil Griffiths

"Afterwards, the eyebrows just went up in the dressing room."

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Lano & Woodley performed the final show of their Goodbye tour in November 2006.

Despite calls for the comedy duo to reform, Colin Lane and Frank Woodley resisted and instead explored solo careers for the next decade before it was announced almost 11 years to the day in 2017, almost out of nowhere, that they were getting back together

Appearing on a new episode of The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast, the Melbourne-formed act revealed it was a one-off surprise set for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's 30th anniversary in 2016 that sparked the long-awaited reunion.

"We just wrote a five-ten minute original routine about getting back together for that event and it was really good fun, basically," Woodley told host Neil Griffiths.

"Afterwards, the eyebrows just went up in the dressing room.

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"We were still very good friends. It's not like we had this big falling out and there was things that needed to be resolved before and trust needed to be re-won because I'd gone off and done comedy with David Collins from The Umbilical Brothers... "

Lano & Woodley announced their return over a year later in November 2017 and their award-winning show Fly, which they toured around Australia from March in 2018 through to September 2019.

Lane told Griffiths that their surprise announcement of a nationwide tour was intentionally kept under wraps.

"When we decided to do that Gala, we tried not to tell anybody and make it a surprise on the night," he said.

"None of the audience knew... it was, kind of, a bit of showbiz fun. When we decided to get together and do a whole show and do a tour, we tried to keep that secret as well just for the show business romantic fun of it.

"In some ways it's truer now than ever, in those 10 or 12 years where we were apart, not really anything that we did was as fun as when we were working together."

Check out the full The Green Room with Lano & Woodley on Spotify, Apple Podcasts (below) or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

Lano & Woodley's Fly is streaming on Amazon Prime from today.