Lanie Lane Reveals New Album Details: She'll Record In The Blue Mountains

23 May 2012 | 6:54 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Lane will start demoing the tracks in the Blue Mountains this July.

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Sydney's Lanie Lane has revealed details of her second album in a couple of recent interviews.

About to hit the road on an extensive headline tour, Lane told Time Off this week that she has already written up to 20 songs for album number two.

“I've got 15 or 20 new songs so far,” she said. “Sometimes I feel like I haven't written a song for a month and then I will write one a week. I do what I do and I don't put pressure on myself – this week, for example, I've had the whole week at home so I've made a conscious effort to work through this new song and to get it where I want it."

Those tracks will be demoed in July, following this tour, at a house in the Blue Mountains with Aiden Roberts, songwriter with Belles Will Ring and largely solo performer with The Maple Trail.

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Talking to The Drum Media she added, "We've set aside a week in July to start demoing the next album, which will be cool. We're going to Aidan's house in the Blue Mountains to do that. I'm so excited about it. It's really cool! That, to me, is like the most exciting thing. We're going to record it up there too, later on in the year. I just want to do it the family way."

She also explains that she's been writing the majority of songs on piano, rather than guitar, this time around and has warned "people", presumably her label, that the new material is going to be a departure from her first album.