KYS Presents: Rock You Like A Hurricanrana – Shawn Michaels

24 January 2018 | 1:34 pm | Staff Writer
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Rock You Like A Hurricanrana + Shawn Michaels = a good listen.

Rock You Like A Hurricanrana + Shawn Michaels = a good listen.

The legendary WWE Hall Of Famer, "The Heartbreak Kid" himself, Shawn Michaels, recently guested on the newly released seventh episode of Rock You Like A Hurricanrana (bonus points if you get the references there) to chat about the massive 25th Anniversary of Monday Night RAW. Mr Sweet Chin Music discusses with podcast hosts Owen Jones and Simon Takla his epic 45-minute match with John Cena, the early days of the program, all the way up to his involvement with what the product is today: a global wrestling powerhouse.

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Of course, in keeping with the episode's theme of 25 years of RAW and to give listeners the music portion of this wrestling-music themed show, hosts Takla and Jones debate and then rank all the opening theme songs from the lengthy history of Monday Night RAW. That's right: all of them.

Presented by ourselves at KYS in partnership with this fresh and ever-growing Australian podcast, kick back, relax and enjoy this very special episode of RYLAH. A nerdy collision of music and wrestling awaits you!

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