See Kylie Like Never Before

5 June 2012 | 11:57 am | Dan Condon

Kylie Minogue features in last minute Sydney Film Festival inclusion.

More Kylie Minogue More Kylie Minogue

You might want to forget everything you know about Kylie Minogue before heading along to see Holy Motors, the new film from French director Leos Carax in which she stars, which took Cannes by storm last month and has just been added to the line up for the Sydney Film Festival at the last minute.

Everything we've heard about Minogue's role in the film is that it is, without a doubt, her weirdest to date, and by the sounds of the film itself that's not all that hard to imagine. It's described as an “intoxicating blend of science fiction, song and dance, romance and carnival-funhouse dada pranksterism” and is said to “entertain like a cyberpunk cabaret act”, as French character actor Denis Lavant takes on no fewer than 11 different roles.

There is only one screening set for Holy Motors, so Kylie devotees will want to hurry to grab tickets.

Thursday 14 June ­– Event Cinemas,  George Street @ 7pm

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