VIDEO PREMIERE: Kilbey Kennedy – ‘When Time Has Run Out’

28 October 2022 | 12:27 pm | Dan Cribb

Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy return with album number six.

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Kilbey Kennedy, aka Steve Kilbey of The Church and Martin Kennedy of All India Radio, today introduce fans to The Strange Life Of Persephone Nimbus, their sixth studio album.

To celebrate its release, we’re premiering the clip for LP cut When Time Has Run Out, directed by Clint Lewis.

“In 2013, I weaselled my way into working with the guys on a track that featured on their album Songs From the Real World,” Lewis told The Music

“That album featured tracks exclusively commissioned by their fans. I didn’t have the kind of money needed to commission a song so I took my chances and pitched them a video instead. They went for it and almost 10 years later, I continue to enjoy working on both Kilbey/Kennedy music videos as well as clips for All India Radio and The Church. I guess the gamble paid off. 

“Steve will typically set some parameters regarding the narrative and theme and I will fill in the blanks. Some of the science fiction aspects that appear on the later Kilbey/Kennedy albums have certainly been both challenging to visually interpret but also very rewarding.  

“On this video we were lucky to cast Alyson Joyce who was great fun to work with and did a terrific job in the role of representing someone feeling trapped and longing for freedom.”

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Described the story surrounding The Strange Life Of Persephone Nimbus, a follow-up to their acclaimed album Jupiter 13, Kilbey said: “Persephone Nimbus was just an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, with a promising job at Eternity Incorporated. Until one day she was kidnapped by the Plutocracy. 

“There she reigned for six months of the year, a sad cold queen of the dark webbed world. But for six months of the year she was allowed to ascend to the Overworld with its marvellous technological illusions, and it’s towers that pierced the very sky. But on the first day of every autumn she must take the long staircase back down, down into the Plutocracy, with their frozen lakes and above them, a sky of iron.”

The Strange Life Of Persephone Nimbus is out now via Foghorn Records.