Kid Cudi's Album Has Leaked With Spontaneous Fart Sounds

20 September 2022 | 2:31 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

“I am the most hated man in hip hop right now,"

(Image via Facebook)

Kid Cudi is one of the most revolutionary artists in the contemporary rap space. His music has pioneered a generation of new emerging artists, both from a sonic perspective as well as Cudi being one of the first popular artists in the world to discuss themes of mental health openly on record.

Recently he has become one of the music world's most ridiculed men for no apparent reason, with internet trolls coming after him hard and fast attempting to tarnish his legacy. The extent of which most recently can be considered bullying, with his album leaking two weeks before its release date on September the 30th.

Within the leak, fans noticed that special effects were added to the project, noticing that several songs had fat sounds inserted in them. If getting your album leaked wasn't disrespectful and horrible enough, the level of trolling some alleged fans are going to is disgusting.

In response to the controversy he took to Twitter on Saturday to say that he is "the most hated man" in hip-hop right now. 

“I am the most hated man in hip hop right now, it seems, But I’m one of the most blessed!!,” he expressed in a now deleted collection of posts. 

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“Remember yall, Scott here to remind you dont give f**k about what anyone says about you. F**k ’em.

“No matter what anybody tries to do, they can’t stop your shine, and they cant stop your destiny from being fulfilled. I am proof. Watch me yall. Big bro will show u.”

His forthcoming album, Entergalactic and accompanying Netflix project of the same name will release on the 30th of September and includes highly anticipated tunes tunes including Willing to Trust with Ty Dollar Sign, Angel and the previously released Do What I Want. 

Leave Kid Cudi alone.