EXCLUSIVE: Aus Music Legends Team Up For Huge Regional Victorian Concert Series

5 February 2021 | 9:00 am | Staff Writer

"We wanted to create a musical message that would inspire everybody to stop and reflect on what is important in life."

Some of Victoria’s best emerging and established artists will team up next month for a huge concert series that will take over regional Victoria.

Based off the widely successful Keep The Circle Unbroken live-stream hosted at St Kilda’s Memo Music Hall during lockdown in 2020, the upcoming tour will feature 48 of the state’s most cherished musicians performing across 15 regional towns, with Tim Rogers, Kylie Auldist, Mick Thomas, Freya Hollick and stacks more confirmed.

Each regional date will feature a different mix of artists playing in-the-round and backed by the Row Jerry Crow band, which is comprised of Paul Woseen (The Screaming Jets), Jeff Consi (Badloves), Dion Hirini (Vika & Linda Bull), Rob Hornbuckle (The Masters Apprentices), John Kendall (Uncle Bill) and Delsinki, with never-before-heard trios and duets taking to the stage.

Here’s who will take part in the Keep The Circle Unbroken regional Victorian tour from March 4-28:

Tim Rogers, Kylie Auldist, Mick Thomas, Debra Byrne, Freya Josephine Hollick, Fenn Wilson, Kee’ahn, Brooke Taylor, Harry Hookey, Sarah Carroll, Jimmy Phoenix, Kerryn Fields, Bobby Valentine, Olivia Nathan, Joyce Prescher, Brooke Russell, Celia Church, Nigel Wearne, Tracey Miller, James Howlett, Maxon, Shann Lions, Aimee Francis, Crank Williams, Ellen James, Oriel Glennen, Aaron Laguda, Meg Doherty, Danny Walsh, Evan Webb, Lauren Elizabeth, Pete Daffy, Lee Spence, Malcom Beveridge, Simon Phillips, Stacey Gray, Type High, Jamie McDowell & Bill Bate.

Also scheduled to appear are the below “guest pickers”:

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Hamish Davidson (the Davidson Brothers), Justin Brady (Things of Stone & Wood)Cam McKenzie (Mark Seymour & the Undertow), Coberg Tipping (Russel Morris)Tanya Bradley (Kimberley Wheeler's Roadside Holiday), Pete Somerville (Uncle Bill), Dan Hall (Taxiride), Damien Cafarella (The Wildes) & Greg Patten (My Friend the Chocolate Cake).

“In a world that seems to be at each other’s throats every other second, and not LISTENING to each other, we wanted to create a musical message that would inspire everybody to stop and reflect on what is important in life,” Row Jerry Crow mandolin/songwriter Delsinki and fiddle player John Kendall said.

“Putting our heads together we thought we'd get our eclectic bunch of mates all together in one room and show the connection artistry that comes from music. We got an incredible response.”

For more details, head to theGuide or click here.

Tim Rogers

Kylie Auldist

Mick Thomas

Deborah Byrne


Brooke Taylor

Harry Hookey

Fenn Wilson

Sarah Carroll

Freya Josephine Hollick

Jimmy Phoenix

Kerryn Fields

Bobby Valentine

Celia Church

Tracey Miller

Wally Howlett


Aimee Francis

Ellen James

Aaron Laguda

Meg Doherty

Danny Walsh

Evan Webb

Lauren Elizabeth

Pete Daffy

Lee Spence

Simon Phillips