Kanye West Has Dig At Kim Kardashian In Rare Public Appearance

28 June 2022 | 11:49 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

Footage has appeared that shows that West was ignoring the teleprompter at the event.

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Kanye West made a rare, surprise appearance at the BET Awards over the weekend, speaking at the event to honour his long time friend and mentor Sean 'Diddy' Combs who was receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award on the night. 

During his speech, he of course found time to reference his divorce from Kim Kardashian. 

He didn't necessarily name Kardashian in the speech, instead ensuring the attention was on Combs. "I said, 'I just want to be off the grid,' and Puff is pretty persistent, but I had to think, bro, it's like, people get amnesia—like, I should never have Puff have to ever call more than one time,

"Any of us in this room, if Puff ever need us, we need to jump and be there."

"I go to him for advice to this day, he inspires so many of my choices, so many of my life choices—my wife choices—and here we are. Thanks for that, Puff."

While presenting the speech, West was wearing a large coat with his hood up and a big black mask, which clearly impacted his ability to speak.

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The crowd's reaction to the shade at Kardashian was positive, with the audience audible erupting on the broadcast as the comment was made. 

Footage has appeared that shows that West was ignoring the teleprompter at the event. The teleprompter read, "When you say 'energy,' you're saying Sean Combs," which is far what West presented. 

"How do we crown our kings? How do we appreciate our kings? To think how far we could just make it off of inspiration," he continued. 

"This is my favourite artist. You see what I'm saying? Favourite artist. Everything. Not specifically production, the drip. You know back then it was so many rules to hip hop. He broke all of them. Broke down all the doors."