Kanye West Is Being Sued By A Pastor Over A Sample

5 May 2022 | 10:54 am | Staff Writer

"Consequently [at least] 20% of the entire sound recording ‘Come To Life’ is comprised of unauthorised, unlicensed samples of the sermon.”

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Despite being extremely quiet in the past couple of weeks, Kanye West has once again re-entered the headlines. He has reportedly been sued by a Texas-based pastor who claims he did not give West permission to sample one of his sermons in the track Come To Life.

Come To Life sits on West's most recently released work, Donda.

Bishop David Paul Moten was not happy with just the free exposure, with the law suit stating, “Come To Life is approximately five minutes and ten seconds in length. Approximately one minute and ten seconds of this sound recording is sampled directly from plaintiff’s sermon and appears to run on a loop underscoring the pre-chorus and chorus throughout the song in question.

"Consequently [at least] 20% of the entire sound recording Come To Life is comprised of unauthorised, unlicensed samples of the sermon.”

It continues, “Defendants wilfully and without the permission or consent of plaintiff extensively sampled portions of the sermon.

"Over the span of several years, defendants have demonstrated an alarming pattern and practice of wilfully and egregiously sampling sound recordings of others without consent or permission."

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Kanye West has previously been sued for a religious sample, over a segment that appears at the start of his 2016 released Ultralight Beam, from his The Life Of Pablo record.

The exert is a recording of a voice of a young child in prayer, recorded by mother Alice T Johnson. West's people did not reach out to the mother.