Kanye Defends Selling 'Yeezy Gap' Clothing Line In Trash Bags

19 August 2022 | 9:30 am | Brenton Harris

“I’m an innovator, and I’m not here to sit up and apologize about my ideas,”

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Kanye West has appeared on conservative news outlet FOX News to defend the choice to sell his controversial Yeezy Gap clothing collection out of what people have referred to as trash bags. 

West insists the clothes are being sold out of "construction bags" and not "trash bags."

The already controversial line that West says is inspired by "the children" and "the homeless", has arrived in retail stores with the unusual directive for retailers to sell the line out of provided 'construction bags'. Retailers are reportedly also asked not to sort the clothing or assist people in sorting for sizes. 

Unsurprisingly this tactic has inspired a lot of criticism from both customers and critics of the collection. 

West made the appearance on FOX to clarify his intentions for the line, stating that he is trying to make clothing easier and more accessible, and adding that it was "God's Plan" for him to appear on the show to set the record straight.  You can see the FOX appearance in full below. 

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West's FOX appearance follows an influx of Tweets and other social media posts showing the 'construction bags' full of Yeezy Gap clothes. You can see one of these Tweets below. 

West has made posts of his own addressing the Yeezy Gap line however his Instagram has now been wiped of all content and has not engaged in any activity on other social media platforms, so the FOX news appearance is all we know of his current thoughts on the situation. 

West who released his most recent record Donda in 2021 has been making headlines regularly this year for a bizarre collection of reasons including being sued by a pastor and appearing to openly celebrate the break-up of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. He also withdrew from Coachella at the last minute,  leaving organisers scrambling to find a replacement.