Jimmy & Jane Barnes Receive Funko Pops From Fan

21 June 2023 | 9:30 am | Mary Varvaris

Jimmy has scored a Pop! Vinyl figure, too.

Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes (Credit: Jesse Lizotte)

Iconic Khe Sanh singer Jimmy Barnes and his wife, Jane, have received their own custom Pop! Vinyl figures, courtesy of a devoted and creative fan who gifted both rockstars the dolls during a Jane Barnes Band show in Penrith on Sunday (18 June).

Jane's Pop! Vinyl is named after The Jane Barnes Band and finds the doll wearing a slick black suit and holding a ukulele. Sharing a series of photos from recent live shows, Jimmy wrote on social media, “Having all the family on stage last night was the highlight of the year.

“It’s not often that David [Campbell] can join us in a show and we had a lot of laughs. Music and family, I don’t need much more than that. Well there’s great food of course, herbs and veggies from the garden. Someone made up these dolls of Jane and I, pretty amazing. Packing for holidays now.”

Jimmy Barnes’ Pop! Vinyl figure resurrects the 80s, with the doll sporting Jimmy’s wavy brown hair and wearing the signature white shirt and black jeans from the fiery Working Class Man music video. You can check out the pictures below.

On Sunday, 11 June, Jane Barnes wrapped up her first tour with The Jane Barnes Band.

The Jane Barnes Band was formed in 2020 during Covid-19 lockdowns, providing comfort to those struggling in isolation through the power of music. Rather than perform Cold Chisel songs, Jimmy and Jane performed songs that they felt would help people through a tough time - who doesn’t love The Beatles?

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Her family-driven band cover everything from The Beatles to Otis Redding to Doris Day and Dolly Parton, Cold Chisel to John Denver and Glen Campbell and Leonard Cohen. She offers a real treat to music fans of any generation.

In late May, Jimmy Barnes paid tribute to Tina Turner, who passed away at age 83. Appearing on Triple M’s The Rush Hour with JB & Billy, Barnes said, “Tina Turner was a light that shone brilliantly. [She was] one of the greatest singers I’ve ever heard in my life, one of the most incredible people I ever got to work with, she was an absolute powerhouse, and I just feel blessed that I got the chance to work with her.”

He also told his favourite story about working with Tina Turner, which you can read here.

CORRECTION: A previous edit of this story incorrectly stated that Jimmy Barnes gifted a Pop! Vinyl figure to Jane. The Music has since corrected the error.

Having all the family on stage last night was the highlight of the year. It’s not often that David can join us in a show...

Posted by Jimmy Barnes on Monday, June 19, 2023