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It's A P!nk Wash On The ARIA Album Charts

25 February 2023 | 11:37 am | Mary Varvaris

PinkPantheress may have her first #1 single in Australia next week.

(Pic by Ebru Yildiz)

More Pink More Pink

After its release last week, P!nk's ninth studio album, Trustfall, debuted at #1 on the ARIA Albums Chart and Vinyl Chart.

This is P!nk’s seventh #1 album in Australia, bringing her total number of weeks atop the ARIA Albums Chart to a remarkable 44.   

Three of her albums have spent over eight weeks at #1: Funhouse in 2008 (nine weeks), Greatest Hits… So Far!!! in 2010 (13 weeks) and The Truth About Love in 2012 (ten weeks). Her records I’m Not Dead in 2006, Beautiful Trauma in 2017 and Hurts 2B Human in 2019 also hit #1.

While Miley Cyrus' Flowers has topped the ARIA Singles Chart for six weeks, English singer, songwriter and record producer PinkPantheress is coming up fast with Boy’s A Liar at #2. 

In a new interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, P!nk recalled people telling her that her career would be "over" if she had children and the loneliness she felt on the road before having children.

"Everyone told me, 'If you have children right now, your career’s over.' But I think, interestingly enough for me, everyone has this idea of me that I’m just my singles, right? That I’m the snarling, man-eating angry, like she-man," she explained.

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Continuing, the What About Us singer said, "And, obviously, we’re all much more complex than any of that, but when I had a child, I think it softened me to the world, the part that didn’t understand me. And I think that’s when my career began, really. I mean, I did a lot of stuff before that, but really, truly, I think it’s when I started to really understand myself and understand the world and my place in it."

Discussing the loneliness artists feel, P!nk went into her own experiences, stating: "Having a family was really important to me because my family life was screwed as a kid, and I’m super-affectionate and cuddly and goofy. Just doing music wasn’t enough for me. I was lonely. I was so lonely. It’s a very lonely business.

"I really wanted to have a family, and it was just as important to me as ambition because I didn’t want it; if it’s just… if this is the carrot, I’ve eaten it. I’m still hungry. I’m hungry. I’m empty, and I love writing songs. I love singing songs. I love performing. Sitting with a guitar is one of my favourite things I’ll ever do, but cuddling with my babies and taking them camping and being dirty for three days is also one of the coolest things I’ll ever do, and making wine also happens to be pretty cool." 

P!nk is coming for her first-ever stadium tour of Australia in February and March 2024.