Is Ed Sheeran Weeks Away From Dropping A New Album?

15 August 2023 | 2:42 am | Staff Writer

Ed Sheeran has fans excited with the tease of a potential second album in less than a year.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran (Annie Leibovitz)

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Britain’s The Sun is reporting today that the Shape of You hitmaker has a new album in the bag and is readying it for a September release according to sources.

With his Mathematics tour reaching the end of its run, Ed Sheeran road tested three new songs at a recent concert in Minneapolis. He cryptically stated that the songs were a “good playlist for autumn,” before signing off with: “Autumn is coming, I will see you soon.”

Fans have speculated that Sheeran was indeed talking about an album release, with The Sun’s sources apparently saying:

“Ed is going to be dropping a brand new record next month. It’s going to be massive for his fans, who’ve never had him drop two albums in a year before. It’s a massive change for him, as for years he has followed the traditional path of releasing a major album then going on tour. Now he’s going to drop the album to give fans something to look forward to after he wraps up the Mathematics tour next month.

“He has started testing out the material on fans at recent concerts and the reaction has been incredible. Everyone has been hugely respectful by not filming or recording the songs so they can be a surprise to those who weren’t at the concerts.”

It would indeed be a curious turn of events, with Sheeran’s last album Subtract coming just three months ago. The album landed after the hitmaker’s successful court case defending allegations of plagarism in what was seen as a landmark verdict.

In February, Sheeran embarked on a successful stadium tour of Australia, delighting fans and proving why he’s one of the world’s biggest artists. His Mathematics series of albums have broken records across the world, including Australia where Plus, Multiply and Divide have sold diamond, ten times platinum and eleven times platinum respectively.

Post-covid instalments Equals and Subtract have faired less well, with the former going platinum and the latter still yet to reach gold status in Australia. The surprising softness in the new album’s sales may be a driving force behind returning with another attempt so soon, but the bankability of the superstar’s live numbers remains undeniable.

Whether The Sun’s source proves to be reliable, time will tell.