Illy Says Funding For Drug Testing Is A 'Drop In The Ocean' Compared To New Sydney Casino

11 December 2015 | 10:31 am | Staff Writer

Rapper supports the call for pill testing.

Aussie hip hop artist Illy has again spoken out in length about his stance on drug testing at festivals, after Stefan Woodward and Sylvia Choi tragically died of suspected drug overdoses at the annual Stereosonic events in the past two weeks. 

In a series of tweets posted today, the Victorian-born rapper backed the call for drug testing, suggesting that funding for it would be a "drop in the ocean" compared to money spent on the new casino currently being built in Sydney, mining and more.

"I disagree with the funding argument bc we find ways to accommodate mining, ruin the reef etc.. Drug testing $ would be a drop in the ocean," Illy tweeted. 

"Compared to the $ spent on these things. Or the new casino in Sydney. Or a million other things that don't disproportionately affect youth."

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Illy also expressed his distaste for people who believe festival-goers should simply take a "just say no" approach. 

"I disagree with a "just say no" approach because the middle age+ ppl saying that grew up with ppl experimenting. They know how young ppl do," he said. 

"Because they were young once too. Unless they are lizard people who were born at 45. And even then, they prob still dabbled at one point."

"Bottom line, I dont think upholding a hardline stance should come b4 kids safety, when we can possibly prevent shit by changing our approach." he concluded.

Illy's comments come a week after he wrote a Facebook post supporting drug testing calls which were also made by Peking Duk and Dr David Caldicott

Check out the full set of tweets below. 

Meanwhile, Illy will next perform at Festival Of The Sun today in Port Macquarie, followed by his newly-announced The Swear Jar tour in February. 

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